Affiliate Dashboard

EARN as you LEARN!
Now that you’re on the path to creating Infinity Income, don’t leave your friends, family, and colleagues behind. For each person you refer to the Infinity Investing Workshop course or Mastermind Group, you earn 20% in Anderson credit* on their subscription for future use on any Anderson Business Advisors product or service.

What can you do with an Anderson credit?
As you’ve learned from Toby throughout the course, the key to your Infinity Net Worth is multiple streams of passive income. At least three, right? Whether you are (or decide to become) a stock trader, real estate investor, business consultant, anything, Anderson provides a host of events, products, and services to ensure your assets are protected, you save money on your taxes, and you properly set up your wealth for generations to come. You can even use it on YOUR monthly Mastermind membership!

It gets better.
When anyone you bring into the course or Mastermind Group on your first level refers their friends and family, you earn an additional 5% in credit on those referrals.

How does it work?
Your Affiliate Dashboard has all of the information you need to promote and track your referrals. Simply share the Workshop and Mastermind with your friends, family members, and colleagues and provide them with your unique Affiliate link to enroll. That’s it!

*Commission credit is calculated once per month and will be available to use the following month.


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